Our team is a group of experienced business people and engineers with the belief that in this day and age there is a better way of moving people and goods.

The group has experience in the military and in commercial sectors working on cutting edge projects.  It just makes sense for them to apply that knowledge in solving one of the most obvious, but neglected problems--transportation.

We arrived at the idea independently.  During a lunch we were surprised to find that out that we had the same state of mind.   Driving along in our autos we came to the same conclusion—keeping a vehicle between the pavement lines-- and at a speed only slightly faster than the Ford Model T-- is not a productive use of time.  In this highly technologically advance society there must be a better way. 

In our labs and on testing grounds, we have worked with some of the most advanced technologies.  How about using some of that rocket science in helping "things" move? 

We have experience in project management within the full range of project cycles from concept through implementation.